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The Bears Sitges Week is already scheduled for 2021

Despite the cancellation of 2020 edition of this event due to the current health situation, the Town Council has expressed its commitment to the organization regarding future editions of the event.

Given the current health situation, the Bears Sitges Week organization has cancelled its 2020 edition, scheduled for September 4th to 13th, and has announced new dates for the 2021 edition. It will be held from September 3rd to 12th.


Despite the intention to hold the Bears Sitges Week in a smaller and safer format, the Town Hall finally informed the organization that, "as a matter of responsibility, exceptionally this year I could not endorse or collaborate in the organization of the event", explained the Councilor for Tourism, Luís Miguel Garcia. However, the Council also expressed its commitment to stand by the organization in future editions, because the Bears Sitges Week is an event declared in its plenary session to be of special interest for the town, not only because of the economic impact it generates but also because of the values of sustainability and respect that are promoted and applied in the course of the event. Luis Miguel Garcia also stated that "in the City Council we understand that it is not easy, in the same way that it also is not easy for so many other events and traditions, but we must be sensible and prevent the spreading of any possible infections. We appreciate the support of the organizers and expect the next edition will be even more successful".


Nevertheless, the organization has invited the attendees who had already made their bookings to maintain Sitges as a tourist destination for their vacations. If the current health situation allows it, the spring event, the Bears Sitges Meeting, will be held from April 29th to May 2nd.

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