Sitges Tourism

News: Annual events




  • January 5th. The Three Kings Parade
  • January 15thSitges Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon


  • February 12thDrag Queen Gala
  • February 16th to 22nd. Carnival


  • March 11th and 12th. Barcelona - Sitges International Vintage Car Rally
  • March 23th to 26th. International Patchwork Festival
  • March 28th to April 2nd. Old-Time Jazz Festival


  • April 2th to 10th. Easter/Holy Week
  • April 13th to 23rd. Sitges Tapa a Tapa
  • April 14th to 23rd. “Sant Jordi”. St George Day (Book and Rose Day)
  • April 27th to 30th. Sitges Dance
  • Dates to be announced. Sitges Electronik Park
  • April 28th to May 1st. Bears Sitges Meeting
  • April 28th to May 1st. Season Opener Party
  • April 28th to October 27th. Mediterranean Guitar Festival


  • May 5th and 6thLímbic Festival
  • May 13th and 14th. Art Fair
  • May 18th to 21st. International Museum Day
  • May 20th to June 4th. FotoMaig


  • June 7th and 8th. Sitges Next Festival
  • June 9th to July 9th. Recicl’Art
  • June 11th. Corpus Christi Festival
  • June 14th to 18th. Sitges Pride
  • June 30th to July 2nd. Poetry Festival


  • July 16th. “Mare de Déu del Carme” Celebration
  • July 28th to August 10th. Terramar Gardens Music Festival
  • July-August. Sitgestiu Cultural
  • Dates to be announced. Sitges Classic Regatta


  • August 5th. "Mare de Déu del Vinyet" Celebration
  • August 18th to 21st. Barraques (Fair Stalls)
  • August 23rd and 24th. Festa Major de Sant Bartomeu, Sitges' main annual festival


  • September 1st to 10th. Bears Sitges Week
  • September 1st to 11th. Festival DONA - Art in the Feminine
  • September 9th to 17th. European Heritage Days
  • September 22nd and 23rd. Festa Major de Santa Tecla, Sitges' annual children-oriented festival
  • September 29th to October 1st. Grape Harvest Festival & Wine Tasting Experience
  • September 29th to October 1st. Sitges Queer Fest


  • October 5th to 15th. Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia
  • Dates to be announced. Creative Connexions Ireland


  • November 3rd to 5th. Sitges, Town of Books
  • November 3rd to 12th. Endimaris: LGTBIQ+ Film Festival
  • Dates to be announced. Christmas Festival
  • November 9th to 19th. Malvasia Week


  • Dates to be announced. Sitges Cheese Festival
  • Dates to be announced. Winter Market Sitges
  • December 12th to 22nd. Sunway Sitges International Chess Festival
  • December 27th to 29th. Sunway Sitges International Hockey Cup


*The Sitges Town Council is not responsible for any  possible changes in the dates or cancellations of the activities included in this calendar