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El xató salad

This salad’s secret is in its sauce...

Xató is a cold dish prepared with escarole, unsalted chopped up cod, salted tuna, anchovies and Arbequina olives. This salad goes with a sauce which makes it stand out. Check the ingredients: garlic, almonds, hazelnuts, anchovies, hot peppers, sweet fried bread, chilli, oil, vinegar and salt.


In Sitges, Xató goes hand in hand with the carnival, and it is normal to have it on both Fat Thursday and Ash Wednesday. Even in the town’s different businesses, ‘xatonadas’ (Xato-related festivities) are organised on these days.  But don’t worry, you will be able to try it whenever you come. 

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The Xató route

Sitges is part of the Xató route, which includes more than 200 ideas involving leisure, culture, nature, beaches, wine tourism, and of course, gastronomy.