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The Theory of Relativity

Musical theatre: music and lyrics by Neil Bartram, book by Brian Hill.

Twenty four people, in 2023.
Seemingly disconnected and physically confined to their own space, we hear their stories as they reveal their struggle for connection. 
The Theory of Relativity explores the liminal space between disconnection and connection through a series of stories. The piece focuses on how young adults deal with their personal feelings and situations and how they develop communities based on their shared experiences.

Cast: Achim del la Jara, Ambre Fonbonne, Elia Bächelie, Clara Morgado, Courtney Bowers, Danija Areande Bedrite, Hannah Frank, Jeana Bormett, José Miguel Caratão da Costa Julie Svanängen, Júlia Conangla Oliveras, Leonie Wanger, Lou Wilser, Maisy Shand, Mariana Bravo, Maxine Alip, Martin Ifju, Molly McKenzie, Omar Halimi, Raquel Silva Pereira, Rita Pinto and Sinead Richardson.


€10 General, €5 Children (Under 18)



3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Mas Alba IAB Campus

+34 938949713

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