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The autumn sky with Saturn and Jupiter

An ideal session to get to know the sky and stars that you can see tonight and the following nights. So that you can continue practising on your own afterwards. How to find your way around the sky, how to recognise the main constellations, which are the main guest stars of the current season, how the sky moves and the main stars.


The activity, which lasts almost two hours, is divided into three parts:

1- Planetarium Session: Inside the Planetarium it gets dark, we notice the apparent movement of the sky which helps us to orientate ourselves, we identify bright stars, we get to know constellations, we recognise planets.... Without realising it, a whole night will pass.
2- Observation of the sky with the naked eye: We will learn to orientate ourselves by using a celestial chart. And with the help of a tellurium and a laser pointer we will learn to locate the stars and constellations currently visible.
3- Observation with a telescope: Saturn and Jupiter with a 28 cm telescope under a dome.


Adult price: 22 Euros
Up to 12 years old: 16 Euros


It is necessary to book at specifying number of adult/children bookings and contact name and telephone number.


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From 17:45 to 19:30 h

Observatori Astronòmic del Parc del Garraf

651 42 68 72 - 685 23 35 75

  • Observatori astronòmic parc del Garraf


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