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Exhibition: "De la figura a l'abstracció" by Consol Bofill

La Pregonera 2024

This exhibition starts from a question: how is the passage from a figurative painting that looks at a model, something outside, to an abstract painting that dispenses with the model? From looking outside in the search for a world of one's own and outside the paragraph. To dispense with the object, explains the artist, is also to dispense with the subject that looks at it, to go in search of other ways of relating to oneself and to the environment. In front of Consuelo Bofill's paintings we must remember that it is not the fact of recognizing an object that matters, but to live the impact of a magen.



OPENING: Friday, August 2 at 7 p.m.

ORGANIZED by: Sitges Town Hall

  • De la figuració a l'abtracció


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