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Biomarathon: citizen science on the beach

At CEM we want to give visibility to the state of Sitges' natural spaces and their biodiversity. That is why we have created these citizen science experiences, in which we will carry out research conducted by amateur or non-professional scientists, to promote the active participation of citizens at some stage of the research process, and thus raise awareness and knowledge of our natural environment.


Description of the activity:
Snorkelling activity in which we will dive with snorkel and goggles on the beaches of Terramar and Anquines to identify and photograph the marine biodiversity of the beaches of Sitges.

In this activity we collaborate with the Minka project, a citizen science platform of the ‘Institut de Ciències del Mar’, with we will share the photographs of the identified species.


Activity for audiences aged 12 and over.


* Free activity with prior registration. Registration will open on 15 May.
* Activity organised by CEM in collaboration with Anèl-lides Serveis Ambientals.


More information here.




From 9 to 12 pm

Centre d'Estudis del Mar

938 945 154

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