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Astronomy with our senses. Painting with wine, stars and wine tasting

Surrounded by nature, we will enjoy the night sky, and in a constant dialogue between art and the sky, we will discover the secrets of the technique for painting with wine. Brushstrokes, peeks at the sky and telescopic observations with a wine tasting.

1- Local tasting: (Optional*) Tasting of DO Penedès wine and cava, must and a snack of local products.
2- Observation of the sky with the naked eye: If time permits, with the help of a laser pointer and a sky chart we will learn to locate the stars and constellations visible that night.
3- Telescope observation: With the dome's 28 cm aperture telescope, we will observe the planet Venus and some deep sky object.
4- Painting with wine: With the artist Marta Arañó workshop, painting with wine. You don't need to know how to paint. Each visitor will perform a work under his guidance.


Place: Garraf Park Astronomical Observatory. Olivella road in La Plana Novella, km 3.5. Olivella
Price: 45 Euros per person and 22 Euros* for local Tasting (Optional*)
It is necessary to book at specifying reservation number, name and contact telephone number.
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From 9:15 p.m. to 11:15 Optional local tasting at 8 p.m.

Observatori Astronòmic del Parc del Garraf

685 233 575 / 651 426 872

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