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Exhibition "Lost in the Crowd"by Olivia Mae Pendergast and Larry Otoo

Olivia Mae Pendergast is a painter; she claims it, even if she happens to be presenting photographs.

It was in 2008 that this American-born artist discovered Africa, Malawi in particular. There she tirelessly painted the people she saw around her. Other trips would follow, Haiti, Bangladesh, but in 2016, her decision was made, she left to settle in Africa, Kenya specifically, where she is still established.

Even while she has recently painted landscapes reminiscent of stained glass or batiks, Olivia Pendergast’s favorite theme is the portrait, the figurative in the most literal sense. Her large paintings are not anecdotal. Painting the world around her in Kenya does not in any way imply the search for effects that could be described as sensational or touristy. 


Larry OTOO is represented by OOA Gallery since 2013, but it is always a real pleasure for connoisseurs to embrace his new work, never the same, yet not completely different. This is what we call style!  This accomplished artist, who has reached maturity, is in full possession of his creativity and technical skills, and the paintings he presents to us for this exhibition are further masterful proof of this as well as the promise of an ever ascending curve. 
Larry OTOO is Ghanaian and lives in Ghana, that fascinating West African country that combines tradition and modernity so well. Holder of a Master's Degree in African Art and Comparative Literature from the prestigious "Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology" in Kumasi, in his country, OTOO has participated in exhibitions and residencies around the world and today is considered one of the famous painters from Ghana. OTOO’s works have been presented in Ghana, of course in Spain, but also in prestigious institutions in the United States, Denmark, The Netherlands, Ivory Coast, Italy, Canada and Germany, and some can be found in public collections as far away as Japan. 



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