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Sitges, Vila del Llibre (City of Books)

The longest book in the world

The seafront promenade and Terramar, a key space in the cultural transformation of Sitges in the 1920s. A new future hand in hand with literature.


"Sitges, Vila del Llibre" will be setting up a market of independent publishers along the Seafront Promenade and in the Terramar area, and will be offering a lineup of presentations, debates, shows and exhibitions related to the world of books for all audiences.


Over the course of the weekend, the round tables on Sitges will be interspersed with presentations of the latest literary releases, award-winning authors from this past year and a series of alternative activities such as poetry recitals, children's activities and exhibitions for all audiences that will take place on the seafront promenade and in surrounding establishments such as the halls of the Hotel ME Sitges Terramar, the event's sponsor.


Seafront promenade (Terramar area)

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