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Barraques Sitges 2021

From August 12 to 16, Sitges will be offering a deluxe lineup featuring some of the biggest names on the music scene.

Barraques 2021

Twenty musical performances will be landing in Sitges from August 12 to 16 at an exceptional edition of Sitges "Barraques" (literally "fair stalls). Due to the restrictions in place to prevent Covid-19, this year's edition will be held in an enclosed, open-air venue and admission will be charged in order to guarantee the economic viability of the event while still preserving its non-profit spirit.


Among the featured artists are groups like Zoo, Oques Grasses or Lildami, who will be presenting their new albums; big-name bands that will be playing in Sitges for the first time, like Celtas Cortos, Ciudad Jara, Mafalda or La Fúmiga, and regular "Barraques" friends like Doctor Prats, Suu, Smoking Souls or the Di-versiones Orchestra.


The presence of eight groups featuring female voices such as El Diluvi, Jazzwoman, Sense Sal or Meritxell Neddermann reaffirms the organization's feminist commitment, despite being both critical and aware that there is still a long way to go to achieve full equality in culture and in the event itself.


Likewise, "Barraques 2021" will also have a space reserved for local talent represented by K-Liu, Ninot and PD Tronkes de Felipa.



  • August 12: Zoo – El Diluvi – Jazzwoman – K-Liu
  • August 13: Ciudad Jara- Mafalda – Smoking Souls – Trompes de Felipa PD
  • August 14: Celtas Cortas – Orquestra Di-Versiones – Meritxell Nedderman – Ninot
  • August 15: Doctor Prats – La Fúmiga – Sense Sal – Dj OGT
  • August 16: Oques Grasses – Suu – Lildami – Dj CEBA






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