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Exhibition: 'Redós dels meus somnis' (‘Shelter of my Dreams’) by Francesc Sillué

The exhibition will be taking place as a part of the 2019 Fira d'Art Sitges (Sitges Art Fair) and is designed to take a journey through the nearly 60 year career of urban landscape artist Francesc Sillué.

Free admission

The exhibition invites us to experience the moments of plenitude in the life of urban landscape artist Francisco Sillué, through the cities and characters he knows and loves. Throughout his extensive career, Sillué has been inspired to capture the rhythm of the cities he visits, including the City of Light, where he had his first exhibition in 1962.

He also experimented with abstraction in Paris, at the same time that he joined the group of artists called «New Values». His career has also been associated with other cities where he has lived like Bergen, London and Sitges. The artist's vision can be seen in all these places, from open-air markets, squares and streets to characters passing through these spots.

This painter has exhibited in France, Norway, the United Kingdom, North America and Sweden, among many other countries.



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