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Vermouth colloquium with Jaime Lovillo

The writer and digital artist, Jaime Lovillo, will present the podcast series “Somos Lo Prohibido“, in the unique room of the Palau del Rei Moro , where we will have a vermouth while we see, listen and We chat with the artist.

Presentation of the podcast “Somos Lo Prohibido” by Jaime Lovillo, a very honest radio project about the experience of growing up as sissy boys and how that label influences the development of identity, in the way of socializing, in coming out of the closet and in the reconciliation with that sometimes unpleasant process of self-discovery.

The presentation of the project aims to break with the cliché of a gay boy that the media launches to thus show the plurality of experiences within the group and bring this debate closer to the audience with a pleasant vermouth.


What is the reverse box office? It consists of turning the spectator into the one who decides how much the show or performance they have just attended is worth. Thus, you pay what you want, can or consider once the event is over without (usually) a minimum or maximum price.

Reservation is recommended.


Palau del Rei Moro

  • Jaime Lovillo



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