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Special Tour Pepito Zamora + Guided Visit to the Exhibition

We will meet in front of the cemetery and walk to the museum to see the exhibition and take a guided tour.

Route in Catalan and English price:10 € (incluyed Guided Route+ Entrance Exhibition + Guided Exibition)


José Zamora was openly and openly homosexual, at a time when this identity was morally censored, punished and silenced; however, he managed to succeed in his profession, linking himself to the different life scenarios in which he lived, and earning the respect, complicity, and esteem of those who knew him.


José Zamora, very unknown beyond the environments in which his professional activity took place, now and unfortunately, is more recognized outside the country than in our country; with this route we want to recover its artistic value and its personal and artistic trajectory and everything that has meant for the contemporary history of Sitges.



11am - 1pm

Sitges cementery

93 811 11 66

  • Ruta Pepito Zamora



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