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Exhibition: 'Vibrances', by Pere Stämpfli

25 March 2023 to 24 September 2023


Fundació Stämpfli's new exhibition bears the title Vibrances, which in French defines a photographic effect of color saturation. These are 21 medium-sized oil paintings in black on white made by Peter Stämpfli between the years 2010 and 2016. The works have arrived at the Foundation specifically for the exhibition and will be shown for the first time in Catalonia


At the same time, halls 1 and 2 will present a renewed selection from the Foundation's collection. On this occasion, the space will show works by Gianni Bertini, Jean Le Gac, Jacques Monory, Mark Brusse, Peter Knapp, Peter Klasen, Henri Cueco, Cristian Jaccard, Bernard Rancillac, Gérard Fromanger, Claude Viallat and Jan Voss. The Stämpfli Foundation has a fund of more than a hundred works, ceded by the artists to the couple Pere and Anna Maria Stämpfli. This new presentation is just a taste of the collection as a whole.



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