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Exhibition: "Nature lovers" by Anna Font

From April 1 to May 1
With the Nature Lovers Exhibition, Anna invites us to consider the earth as our emotional companion. This contemplation of spiritual awareness leads us to treat mother nature with appreciation, respect and care, as one who takes care of her love.

With this selection of watercolors on silk with the "gutta" technique, Anna plays on a visual level with the connection of couples in love who melt with nature, fully integrating with their habitat: leaves, flowers , trees or seas are part of his imagination and transport us to a dreamlike space full of color and tenderness. This exhibition invites us to gravitate freely with the energies of colors, shapes and sensations that inspire the artist from his most fanciful and cosmic subconscious.


The exhibition is part of the collective project "Women in Art" of the Associació Armazon, to promote women artists all over the world. They want to give visibility to women artists and their individual creations, due to the fact that the participation of women artists in national museums is minimal in all countries of the world. This international project, born in 2022, consists of personal exhibitions of women artists in the country where they live, and began in Spain, with the exhibition "We are many" by the artist Silvia Alcalá, with 500 women's faces. This Project will be carried out every year to show the world the art of women, until achieving the balance of participation of women artists in the museums of the world. artAmore Sitges joins and supports the project with the aim of empowering women artists as valuable entrepreneurs.



From Tuesday to Sunday:
10:30 a.m.-2 p.m. / 5 p.m.-8:30 p.m

artAmore Sitges. C/ Parellades, 57

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