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Painting exhibition by Gonzalo Centelles

Gonzalo Centelles exhibits his recent work at the Iris Gallery Restaurant at Hotel Estela in Sitges

Centelles is a versatile artist born in Barcelona (1980), and despite his youth, he has extensive experience of more than two decades. His main disciplines are painting and drawing, although he has also delved into sculpture created from the assembly of found objects, as well as traditional modeling sculpture using plaster, soldered iron, ceramics and granite


His paintings have a unique and very personal style that is based, above all, on the observation of everyday scenes. The artist knows how to portray these situations with a certain irony and endow them with a subtle sense of humor.


The characters and scenes he chooses are sometimes depicted in an almost ludicrous manner, exaggerating certain details for comic effect. However, it should be noted that Centelles always treats all his characters with respect.


Technically, Centelles has always been an artist with a large amount of pictorial resources. But, in the same way, he has always been a very perfectionist artist with his work and with a high level of self-demand who, at the same time, likes experimentation. All of this contributes to making the vision of his paintings very dynamic and surprising, as well as endearing.


This exhibition can be visited until the end of summer at the Hotel Estela Barcelona in Port d'Aiguadolç in Sitges.


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