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Invasive species of aquatic systems

We will learn about the invasive marine and coastal species of Garraf and the ecological, health and economic problems caused by their presence in natural spaces.

The Biosphere environmental education association will publicize the invasive species of flora and fauna present in the aquatic ecosystems of Catalonia. The presentation will focus on those invasive marine and coastal species that are present on the Garraf coast such as the Caulerpa, the blue crab, the puffer fish, the lion fish, the reed, the cat's claw, the prickly pear, etc.


This activity is framed in the INVACAT 2.0 project.


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From 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Centre d'Estudis del Mar

Tel. 938 945 154 / Mòbil 629 220 247

  • Especies invasores dels sistemes aquatics


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