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Guided tour 'Picasso and Sitges: a physical and sentimental cartography'

External route through the places linked to Pablo Picasso and guided visit to the Museums of Sitges.

A physical and intellectual itinerary through the streets of Sitges tracing the connections of this city with Picasso, from various approaches. On a physical level, Picasso visited Sitges on several occasions, during the turn of the 19th century to the 20th, and during the 1930s, both for different reasons.

The first was invited by his friend Casagemas, and the second was curious to visit the Cau Ferrat de Rusiñol, now a public museum. Picasso knew Rusiñol personally and painted him more than twenty times, the result of his admiration for who was the most representative artist of Catalonia at the time, and who acquired a couple of Grecos in Paris that are currently in the Cau Ferrat

Picasso also maintained a close friendship with Miquel Utrillo, the art critic who made the first major criticism of Picasso, and who would be the soul of the Maricel, one of the most unique buildings in Sitges. In short, a visit where names such as Picasso, Rusiñol, Utrillo, Casagemas, El Greco, Maricel, Cau Ferrat, Platja de Sant Sebastià, etc. intersect... all based on documents and testimonies that link Sitges with one of the most relevant artists in the history of art.


Guided tour in Catalan

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