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Sitgestiu - Family workshop: The blues of Picasso and the blues of Rusiñol


When we enter the Cau Ferrat, the first thing we see is the intense, vivid blue colour of the walls, but also dark and sad, like the blue colours that Picasso painted when his best friend, the painter Carles Casagemes, also a companion of Santiago Rusiñol, died. Picasso filled his canvases with different shades of blue, known as the blue period.


Using navy blue, ultramarine blue, sky blue and other colours, we will paint blue paintings by Santiago Rusiñol, such as La nena de la clavellina (1893), Gitana de l'Albaicín (1895) or Retrat de l'escultor Carles Mani (1895), works by Rusiñol during Picasso's blue period.


Price: 4€.



6 p.m.

Racó de la Calma

93 894 03 64

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