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Sitgestiu - Pocket opera "Tosca"

Performed by the Petita Companyia Lírica de Barcelona


The plot of Tosca takes place in a very turbulent historical context in Italy: the defeat of the Austrian army at the hands of Napoleon in 1800. It revolves around three characters: Floria Tosca, a famous singer; the revolutionary painter Mario Cavaradossi; and Baron Scarpia, a police chief and amoral man who abuses his power. Love, jealousy, deceit, violence and death intertwine in this opera by Puccini, which also reflects the power of the strong over the weak.


Floria Tosca: Carolina Fajardo
Mario Cavaradossi: Facundo Muñoz
Baron Scarpia: Lucas Groppo
Angelotti / Sacristán: Néstor Pindado
Piano: Elke Sanjosé


Price: 20€.



8 p.m.

Palau de Maricel

93 894 03 64

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