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DO Penedès Gastronomic Route

Every weekend in November

The DO Penedès Gastronomic Route returns to Sitges. The initiative, which is recommended to all lovers of gastronomy, is organized by the DO Penedès with the aim of supporting the local restaurant sector and, at the same time, highlighting the work done by the producers of the DO Penedès. One of the most interesting aspects of this Route is that the participants in the different dinners, apart from being able to savour the tasting menus prepared by the chefs and restaurateurs of each establishment, have the opportunity to enjoy the explanations and comments of the different producers, who enlighten us about their wines.


It is also a unique opportunity to taste wines of great prestige and quality alongside the people who created them. Quite a luxury.


The Gastronomic Route of the DO Penedès has the support of the Sitges Town Council and the Gremi d'Hostaleria.


Participating restaurants:

  • GUTIZIAK Restaurant 02/11/23 · 55 €
  • Hotel EUROSTARS SITGES 03/11/23 · 55 €
  • SOFIA Restaurant 10/11/23 · 50 €
  • Hotel MIM SITGES 11/11/23 · 55 €
  • COSTA DORADA Restaurant 17/11/23 · 55 €
  • Hotel CASA VILELLA 18/11/23 · 55 €
  • SITGES BON ESTAR Restaurant 23/11/23 · 55 €
  • EL CASTELL Restaurant 24/11/23 · 55 €



Offer with a Basque touch and influences from Nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian) cuisine. Chef Christian Nindl and his family lead this gastronomic establishment with Basque roots. The tasting menu they offer on the Ruta de la DO Penedès includes a selection of their delicious and surprising dishes. The combination of youth and wisdom meet harmoniously in this Basque chef, established in Sitges, who has turned his establishment Gutiziak (which means 'delicacies' in Basque) into a prominent point of reference within the gastronomic panorama of Sitges and the region of carafe.

Thursday, November 2 | 9 p.m. Price: €55 | Carrer Sant Bartomeu, 8 | Sitges | 93 894 96 86



"Croquetón" stewed free range chicken in Peruvian style. Paired with Clàssic Penedès Efecte Brut Nature by Albet i Noya.

Eggplant tartare dressed with oyster sauce, lime and sesame oil and foie shavings Paired with Vinya Sota Bosc 2022 – Mushroom.

Octopus in wok with yakiniku sauce, shisho porrusalda and purple potato. Paired with Fer el trago 2022 Celler Puig-Batet.

Goat durum with yogurt and mango sauce, accompanied by spicy green sauce. Paired with Clos Vidal Merlot 2019 Capità Vidal.

Desserts Idiázabal cheesecake with pecans and candied quince.



A category hotel like Eurostars Sitges needs a culinary offer that lives up to its status. Its gastronomic offer is particularly distinguished by its five-star character, its originality based on the Mediterranean essence, its adaptability and innovation, while maintaining an international influence in its culinary inspiration. On the Ruta DO Penedès, the Eurostars Sitges kitchen team offers us some products that are not missing from their gastronomic proposal, such as stocks, artichokes, prawns or scallops. Autumn has already arrived. This chestnut cream is essential to complete a great meal.

Friday, November 3 | 9 p.m. Price: €55 | Av. Camí de Miralpeix, 12 | Sitges | 93 810 90 17



Welcome aperitif.

Royal mushrooms with foie gras and truffle. Married to Laia Xarel·lo 2022 Joan Segura Pujadas.

Artichoke cream with Vilanova shrimp and sheep's cheese spheres. Paired with Clot del Roure 2021 - Vins el Cep.

Scallop, plate of Iberian ham and clams. Paired with Brisat de Macabeu 2022 - Can Lleó.

Braised lamb neck with purple carrot, nightingales and glazed chives. Paired with Can Feixes Negre Tradition 2013 Can Feixes.

Dessert Chestnut cream with smoked rocks, malvasia and grapes and some "petit fours".



Very close to its brother Pic Nic, Sofia is the new gastronomic establishment of the Matas Arnalot Group. A restaurant with sea light, in Sitges, on Passeig de la Ribera and based on produce, the Mediterranean diet, seasonality and km 0. Good products nourish its gastronomic offer, full of constant dynamism and innovation. Market fish, Frisian breed meats aged for at least 40 days, Mediterranean rice dishes, afternoons with DJs and cocktails by Javier de las Muelas, make up a very attractive offer.

Friday, November 10 | 9 p.m. Price: €50 | Av. Sofia, 1 | Sitges | 93 517 87 40



Veal terrine, foie gras and pistachio in the Santi Santamaria style. Creamy croquette of aged Friesian beef ribeye. Paired with Refugi de Loxarel 2018 – Loxarel.

Chestnut cream with prawns from Sant Carles de la Ràpita and seasonal mushrooms. Paired with Finca La Boltana 2022 - Alsina & Sardà.

Octopus with chopped Mediterranean seaweed and spinach. Paired with Estel d'Argent Rosat 2022 - Estel d'Argent.

Beef fillet from Girona in mead and caramelized onions. Paired with Mas Rodó Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 - Mas Rodó.

The "Panipuri" dessert, crispy filled with Catalan cream foam.



The Hotel MIM Sitges, located just 50 meters from the beach, in the center of Sitges, is an oasis of tranquility. The Land restaurant, of the Hotel MIM Sitges, is located in a pleasant space full of light, at the foot of the street. A meeting point for food lovers, at the Ruta DO Penedès dinner they offer us a very diverse and balanced menu. The surprising combination of the scallop with vegetables and citrus in the first course leads us through a menu that surfs between the delicacy of the turbot and the power of the lamb, until we reach the digestive freshness of a strawberry dessert with a touch of oiliness, marked by mascarpone and vanilla. Do not miss it.

Saturday, November 11 | 9 p.m. Price: €55 | Av. Sofia, 12 | Sitges | 93 811 35 00



Scallop, yellow beetroot, edamame and tangerine. Paired with Mas Escorpí 2022 Gramona.

Low temperature farmer's egg, candied artichoke, artichoke cream and cured Iberian bacon. Paired with Gran Caus Blanc 2022 Can Ràfols dels Caus.

Turbot, white ginger and citrus “butter”, fennel and cauliflower. Paired with Avi Ton 2021 - Eudald Massana.

Lamb shoulder, roasted carrot with comté cheese, chimichurri and sherry demiglace. Paired with Gran Clot dels Oms Merlot 2018 Finca Ca N’Estella.

Dessert Strawberry soup, mascarpone and vanilla cream, pistachio ice cream.



This establishment is a gastronomic gem that has been passed down from generation to generation, consolidating itself as a benchmark. With four generations of chefs and restaurateurs who have contributed to its history, this emblematic culinary destination is now led by the talent and passion of chef Joan Vidal. On the Ruta DO Penedès, they offer us a first-class gastronomic experience. The Grilled Shell Duet is a perfect introduction, followed by a wild crow that begs to be discovered. The same goes for the seafood rice, a classic reinterpreted with mastery, or the Galician beef tataki, which promises. A true feast for the senses and an occasion not to be missed.

Friday, November 17 | 9 p.m. Price: €55 | Sant Sebastià Beach, 27 | Sitges | Reservations by WhatsApp at 607 017 446



Duet of shell on the grill (Delta fillets and beach soles). Married to Fransola 2022 Torres Family.

Chef-style wild crow. Paired with Mas Escorpí 2022 Gramona.

Seafood rice with red prawn, beach cuttlefish and clams. Paired with Gran Clot dels Oms Xarel·lo 2021 - Finca Ca N'Estella.

Galician beef tataki with its garnish Paired with Genuí Garnatxa 2022 - Can Lleó.Dessert Sitgetan Cream Foam + Artisan Truffles by Joan Vidal.



Hotel restaurants can hide real culinary treasures that surprise and delight our senses. The kitchen equipment at Hotel Casa Vilella is a perfect example of this fusion between professionalism and authenticity that transports you to a world of unique flavors, masterfully combining the tradition and creativity of Mediterranean cuisine. In this gastronomic refuge, we are invited to live an exceptional culinary experience, where the dishes become true works of art, made with top quality products and selected according to the season. The freshness and authenticity of the ingredients become the basis of culinary creations that will make you want to come back again and again.

Saturday, November 18 | 9 p.m. Price: €55 | Passeig Marítim, 21 | Sitges | 93 524 02 00



Fritter stuffed with squid in its ink with slightly spicy aioli. Paired with Blanc Subur 2022 - Celler Hospital de Sitges.

Low-temperature farm egg, herb carbonara, potato in a mortar with roasted garlic and chard. Paired with Viver - Property of Espiells.

Hake with celery cream, lemon jam, truffle oil and salmon roe. Paired with Malvasia de Sitges - Jané Ventura.

Catalan boneless lamb with roasted carrots. Paired with Llegat Llopis 2018 - Celler Hospital de Sitges.

Dessert Torrada de Santa Teresa with Catalan cream and pineapple cubes in rum.



His name is in itself a statement of intent. In a family atmosphere and on the Mediterranean coast, at the Sitges Bon estar Restaurant we can enjoy homemade food where fish, salads, rice dishes, meats and a large wine and dessert menu predominate. At the Ruta DO dinner, this central Sitget establishment goes one step further and offers us innovative dishes, without ever forgetting tradition and Mediterranean products. Thus, it will be very interesting to try this smoked sardine tartar with pear, or the lamb terrine with mushrooms. They are dishes that have an ancestral point, but at the same time modern. Like, for example, the desserts, a tribute to Japanese culture.

Thursday, November 23 | 9 p.m. Price: €55 | Carrer de les Parellades, 63 | Sitges | 93 894 34 93



Cream of artichokes with parmesan, prawns and citrus fruits. Married to Elisenda de Loxarel 2021 – Loxarel.

Smoked sardine tartar with winter pear, curd with pickle emulsion and honey air. Paired with New Moon 2017 - Bodegues Pinord.

Cod with pumpkin, crab and a touch of "canned". Paired with Radix 2022 Parés Baltà.Lamb neck terrine with cauliflower puree, mushroom sauce and pickled onion. Paired with Vinya Palau 2018 - Jean Leon.

The Sakura dessert.



Located in the heart of the old town of Sitges since 2003, El Castell emerges as a welcoming restaurant, almost like an extension of our own home, where we share precious moments with loved ones. Their culinary proposal is an ode to the Mediterranean, with a touch of authenticity that distinguishes them. The basis of its cuisine lies in the proximity to local producers and in the obsession with the quality of the raw material. Located in an old fisherman's house that dates back to the 18th century and which, with dedication and love, they have carefully preserved to maintain its original elements. It is a place with a soul, with history, and every corner breathes a charm that transports you to times gone by.

Friday, November 24 | 9 p.m. Price: €55 | Carrer de la Carreta, 21 | Sitges | 93 894 33 49



Red prawn carpaccio from the fish market with tomato tartar and lemon mayonnaise. Married to Marta Violet 2022 - Ramon Canals.

Duck confit cannelloni, seasonal mushroom cream and foie. Paired with Petit Roc 2020 Celler Puig-Batet.

Rock octopus on a board with rosemary and aubergine textures. Paired with Eliane 2022 Mastinell.

Glazed veal cheek with ibérico crust and potato nest. Paired with Mists 2021 - Alsina & Sardà.

Dessert Textures of chocolate, on a bed of Ferrero Rocher Gold and passion fruit.



9 p.m.

various restaurants in sitges

  • Ruta Gastronomica Penedes


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