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Sitges Queer Fest

The Queer culture festival of Garraf

LIVE, CREATE, LOVE. This year's Queer Cultural Festival takes place from September 27th to October 1st in Sitges, Barcelona.


Sitges Queer Fest is a creativity festival organized by the LGBTIQ+ Colors Sitges Link association with the support of the Sitges Town Hall and Sitges Tourism.

It has the participation of singers, musicians, performers, writers, poets, dancers and artists queer, Catalan and from other countries, who present their work through performative shows, concerts, talks, workshops, sessions and exhibitions.


Queer Fest 2023 Programme


- Frank's White Canvas Concert - 30th September
- Poet-Queer Vermouth - 30th September
- Cuenta-Queer-tos - 30th September
- Colors Queer Talent Show - 1st October
- Motown Vermouth with Vicky Branch - 1st October
- Queer Market Arts & Crafts - 30th September - to 1st October


You can buy tickets for the different events and the full programme on the website.




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