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Biomarathon citizen science

Snorkeling activity to identify and photograph marine biodiversity on the beaches of Sitges where we will collaborate with the Minka citizen science project.

The objective of the activity is to learn to observe the existing biodiversity on our beaches and to photograph and identify the greatest number of species possible. Once the species have been identified, the photographs will be shared on the citizen science platform of the Institute of Marine Sciences, Minka. Minka's "Platges del CEM" project is a space for discovering biodiversity on the beaches of La Barra, Terramar and Anquines

For more information about the Minka CEM beaches project, you can consult here.

Recommended age: from 16 years.

From the organization of the activity we have all the necessary snorkeling equipment and underwater cameras. However, if you have your material, you can take it.

For the organization of this activity, Annellides Environmental Services collaborates.



From 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Centre d'Estudis del Mar

Tel. 938 945 154 / Mòbil 629 220 247

  • Biomarato i ciencia ciutadana


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