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Exhibition "Realism in Catalonia (1917-1936). From classical Picasso to Surrealist Dalí"

The exhibition features works by Picasso, Dalí, Joan Miró, Joaquim Sunyer, Ángeles Santos, Josep de Togores and Feliu Elías, among others.

The Maricel Museum is dressed up again to host a first-level exhibition, which shows to what extent the European context of wars marked the Catalan artists and their work. The exhibition Realism in Catalonia (1917-1936), From classical Picasso to surrealist Dalí presents paintings by Picasso and Dalí, along with other pieces by artists such as Joaquim Sunyer, Alfred Sisquella, Josep de Togores, Ángeles Santos or Joan Miró. It is an initiative of the Museums of Sitges, the Museum of Valls and the Museum of La Garrotxa (Olot), promoted through the Network of Art Museums of Catalonia, and is curated by the historian of art Mariona Seguranyes.


Price : € 10 (€ 5, reduced). Access to visit the museums of Cau Ferrat and Maricel

Guided tours : Every Tuesday: 15h (in English), 16h (in Spanish) and 17h (in Catalan). Price: € 5


The Maricel Museum

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