Sitges Tourism

PR-C 39 Camí d'Eramprunyà

An interesting route which is almost circular, passing through the Sentiu valley, and farmsteads such as Can Dardena, Can Vinyes, Can Pardal and Can Flocant. It goes through the heart of the Magraner, the Serra de Can Perers, Can Dardena and Celler, and finishes again in Can Llong.

Along the journey the different landscapes which form the Garraf’s geological composition can be seen: ‘el Garraf blanc’, composed of limestone and typical maquia shrubland of oak and fan palm; ‘el Garraf vermell’, formed of siliceous sandstone and a typical vegetation such as heather, arbutus and rosemary; ‘el Garraf negre’, formed of schists, slate and a vegetation of white pine and oak.

Wear appropriate footwear and bring water, especially during the warmest months. Binoculars will allow you to better observe the fauna and enjoy the great panoramic views. 


13,4 km

Approximate duration

6 h

Difficulty level
On foot
  • Scenic-based
  • Architectural heritage
  • Camí d'Eramprunyà