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GR 92.3 From La Clota to El Arboçar

The GR 92, also known as the “Mediterranean Trail”, is a long route that follows the whole coastal and pre-coastal area in Catalonia, from Portbou to Ulldecona, running through Parque del Montnegre y el Corredor, Collserola, Garraf, Olèrdola and Foix. On the other side of the river, the Valencian Community region starts.

On its journey through Parc del Garraf , the GR 92 has a variant, the GR 92.3a (La Clota to El Arboçar), which is 21.4 km, and on its journey through Parc d'Olèrdola , it has the GR 92.3b variant (El Arboçar to Castellet), which is 18.7 km. The route is indicated by unmistakable white and red signposts arranged horizontally, one on top of the other.
It is advised to wear appropriate footwear and bring water during the warmest months and binoculars to enjoy the landscape, the vegetation, the fauna and the architectural heritage.

More information at the Federació d'Entitats Excursionistes de Catalunya (FEEC) (The Catalan Federation of Hiking Organisations). Stage 1 La Clota-el Arboçar and Stage 2 El Arboçar-Castellet


22,1 km

Approximate duration

6 h 40 min

Difficulty level
On foot
  • Scenic-based
  • De la Clota a l'Arboçar