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Sitges becomes the headquarters for the ' Heinz Summer House', the world's first flavor oasis.

As part of their new 'Travel through Taste' campaign, the brand has created a paradise for the senses in Sitges for their consumers
  • The way the Spanish enjoy taste and the small pleasures of life hasn't gone unnoticed by Heinz, who have chosen Sitges to open the doors to what will be the world’s first ephemeral oasis dedicated to flavor
  • Until August 16th, Heinz offers consumers the chance to participate in a drawing to enjoy 5 dream Sitges days in the 'Heinz Summer House', the most coveted spot in our country this summer

Heinz, the leading company in dinner table condiments with a superior flavor, has unveiled its new campaign 'Travel through Taste, where it will recreate an ephemeral oasis in Sitges destined to flavor: the 'Heinz Summer House', which will become the most coveted destination in Spain this summer. According to the report 'Analysis of summer’s taste', summer is the favorite season for Spaniards, as confirmed by 46% of those surveyed, followed from far behind by spring (30%), fall (14%) and winter (10%). And this is hardly surprising because for Spaniards 'summer tastes sweet', as 43% of them agree when associating the summer season with a taste.


Sitges, a province of Barcelona, was the place chosen to give life to the 'Heinz Summer House'. The reason why the brand has chosen this seaside town is not by chance, but rather because it fulfils the keys to having the extraordinary summer that the Spanish have indicated: being able to have a swim at the beach or in a pool, have a drink at a beach bar and enjoy the sun, with 70%, 42% and 35% respectively. In addition, if they had the opportunity to have an ' a la carte' summer, taking a boat or yacht trip (34%) and enjoying a live concert (22%) would be the two other activities they would most like to do. As for the destination, being able to enjoy them on an island paradise or in an all-inclusive resort would rank as the places chosen by the Spanish, with 29% and 17% respectively. The 'Heinz Summer House' brings together these preferences and guarantees the lucky ones a genuine journey through all the senses.

The 'Heinz Summer House' in Sitges will bring together all the desired elements for an ideal summer: the discovery of flavors, gastronomic diversity, culinary exploration, unrepeatable experiences, relaxation and, of course, our favorite people. As Heinz's study confirms, 98% of Spaniards choose to enjoy that special taste of our favorite summer dishes in company, while only 2% confess their preference for enjoying it on their own.


"Our very strong relationship with gastronomy, flavors and sensations, our very special way of enjoying the little details and our incessant desire to experience summer to the maximum have served as pillars when designing the 'Travel through Taste' campaign," explains Elisenda Picola, Marketing Director at Heinz Spain I am especially proud that our country has been chosen as the destination to offer a unique, different and very aspirational trip. And we at Heinz are convinced that those lucky enough to enjoy it will have a unique and unrepeatable experience".

“More and more, we Spaniards are looking for a gastronomic experience that can immerse us in a universe of flavors, which is even capable of transporting us to different places. And at Heinz we are delighted to make this a reality thanks to the flavor provided by each and every one of our sauces," says Picola. "Those lucky enough to enjoy the 'Heinz Summer House' will also have the opportunity to savor a unique gastronomic endeavor where the brand's sauces will be the fundamental element in elevating their organoleptic experience and ensuring that unforgettable journey through all the senses".

In order to enjoy the 'Heinz Summer House' and experience that unique journey through taste, today Heinz is launching the website www.viajedesaborconheinz.es,  where anyone who buys their sauces up until August 16th can fill out the corresponding questionnaire, upload their shopping receipt and take part in an exclusive drawing, with no limit to participation. Because Heinz wants to offer the winner and 5 of his/her friends or the people he/she chooses, the unrepeatable opportunity to enjoy 5 days in the coveted 'Heinz Summer House'.

"With 'Travel through Taste' we precisely want to pay homage to the experiences, sensations and emotions that the flavor of food awakens in us. At Heinz we are aware that today's consumer wants that gastronomic experience to be as personalized as possible, as if that dish he or she is enjoying were unique and unrepeatable. And this goal has become a maxim to be achieved with every new launch we present on the market", says Picola.


About 'Analysis of summer's taste': Heinz's own study carried out with more than 2,000 people between the ages of 20 and 65 from all over Spain. The information was collected by CINT, a company specializing in the automated collection of information with more than fifty million registered consumers in nearly one hundred countries, in June 2020.


About Heinz Every year 650 million units of the brand's most emblematic product are sold worldwide: Heinz Tomato Ketchup. It is enjoyed by all kinds of people and can be found everywhere, from roadside cafés to Michelin star restaurants. When he created his company, Henry John Heinz had no idea that 150 years later it would be one of the most important food brands in the world, selling more than 5,700 products in 200 countries. What we are sure of is that he would be very proud of the company it has become, where quality and innovation have always remained at the heart of the company's strategy.



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