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Workers from Sitges' restaurant and hotel sector receive training on Covid-19 prevention

Sitges is a safe, responsible and strongly committed destination. As an example, and in order to address the present situation, the Public Health Service, together with the Sitges Hotel and Catering Association, is implementing training in hygiene and prevention for restaurants and hotels.

Training includes an agenda with relevant aspects regarding coronavirus, personal hygiene measures for prevention and reinforcement of facility cleaning, physical distancing, food protection, and reception of goods, among others.

For the moment, approximately twenty workers from establishments including bars, restaurants and hotels have taken part in this training course. Workers from the 28 different beach bars also received training in Covid-19 measures. Simultaneously, the Public Health Service is also working to offer a specific course for the Sitges Municipal Market, and will continue training focused on other activities such as bars, food retailers and supermarkets.

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