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Fitur marks the beginning of the Sitges tourist year

Until January 28, Sitges participates in the first annual meeting of the tourism sector, which brings together more than 120,000 tourism professionals in Madrid. Sitges will be present at the stand of the Catalan Tourism Agency, under the umbrella of the Barcelona Provincial Council.

Sitges kicks off Fitur, a year that in terms of tourism will be marked by the management of the large projects of the Next Generation Funds and the Smart Tourist Destinations action plan. Through the stand of the Catalan Tourism Agency and under the umbrella of Diputació de Barcelona, Sitges is present from this Wednesday until January 28 at Fitur, in one of the most important fairs in the world for the sector.
The Department of Tourism of the Sitges City Council carries out one of the first actions this year abroad with its participation in this first annual meeting of the tourism sector, which brings together in Madrid more than 120,000 professionals from the tourism field and nearly 90,000 visitors from general public. During these days, representatives of the department hold meetings with different companies and suppliers to work on medium and long-term strategic projects.
The mayor of Sitges, Aurora Carbonell, has led the Sitges delegation that has traveled to FITUR.
Among the planned meetings, meetings focused on tourism promotion will have a specific weight. Turisme de Sitges defines the main markets of interest and priorities based on the Marketing Plan, the information available in relation to tourist spending and the visitor profile. Based on this data, interviews are held with the Spanish Tourism Offices (OET) abroad to find new avenues of collaboration that allow Sitges to be promoted in the destination's reference markets.

During these days, interviews will be carried out with the OTS's from countries such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway and the United States (focused on the west coast on this occasion). For each of these markets, tourist experiences are prioritized based on the motivation of the tourist and always working on the basis of premium tourism to bring the best visitor to the town in terms of sustainability, economic impact and respect for the destination.

Although Fitur is a fair focused mainly on vacation tourism, it is also a meeting space between companies and institutions, presentations and round tables for innovation in the management of tourist destinations. Furthermore, in this area a use case of the tourist travel cycle will be presented based on the experience of Salamanca and Sitges. At the same time, meetings will be held with different actors to lay the foundations for the development of Next Generation projects linked to tourism intelligence and to develop the action plan for Smart Tourist Destinations.

  • Fitur-2024 Alcaldessa de Sitges- Aurora Carboell i Alejandro Eguía (Fitur)



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