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Mimí Château, queen of the Sitges Carnival 2024

The children's queen is Txell Hernández Godayols, 12 years old

The 2024 Sitges Carnival has experienced this past Saturday the evening of the queens. As one of the most significant preliminary events before Thursday Gras, the Huertos gang has presented the Carnival Queen in the Town Hall Square, in the form of a croissant and named Mimí Château. As for the Child Queen. The Casino Prado was the setting for the proclamation of 12-year-old Txell Hernàndez Godayols as Child Queen.


A City Hall square packed with people was a participant in the entrance of the Queen of Carnival, this Saturday. As the Huertos had announced, the last episode of the Good Game series (which can be found on the gang's YouTube channel) reviewed the three screens of the video game created about Sitges and culminated with the presentation of the Queen .


The members of Huertos gradually entered the video game, hand in hand with the three screens they had to overcome, one in the Poble Sec neighborhood, one in Les Casas Noves and another in Baixamar. In each game, the gang has prevailed over each of the forces that dominated these three neighborhoods. Finally, the group's grandmother also made an appearance in the video game and was the one who presented the queen of her legendary croissants. So, with the name of Mimí Château, a Queen appeared with French diction and costumes by Cristina López, who is also in charge of the costumes of the entire Queen's gang. The Queen's float, accompanied by her entourage, took the lead in a first route through the center, passing through Plaça de l'Ajuntament, Carrer Major, Cap de la Vila and Carrer Jesús. From there, the gang went to the gardens of the Retiro, where the Royal Cocktail was held and where the people who had followed the presentation through a large screen where the live broadcast of Canal Blau was waiting for them tv.


In turn, the Children's Queen of 2024 was proclaimed in a show at the Casino Prado that began at 6 p.m. This is Txell Hernàndez Godayols, who has been participating in the Children's Queen group for 3 years and who this year has been chosen by a jury to be the Children's Queen. The proclamation ceremony reviewed the 30 years of this character and filled the Pradista theater with music and dance.


Arrival of His Majesty Carnestoltes

Once the Carnival Queen and the Children's Queen have been presented, the countdown to Arrival, this coming Maundy Thursday, begins. The Panxampla's group has invited everyone to La Fragata, where at 7.24 pm the show that the Carnival King will bring, once again, to Sitges will begin. At the moment, the group in charge of the Carnival character has announced that the mask that stars in the poster for this 2024 party will take shape and has announced that the finding of a lost object will trigger a series of unimaginable events.


After the Arrival at the Fragata, the street with the Carnestoltes will head towards the Town Hall, to take power of Sitges during this week and read the Predicot. At night, both the Carnestoltes entourage and the Queen's entourage will visit the Agrupació de Balls Populars, the Prado Casino and the El Retiro Recreational Society, where the traditional Shrove Tuesdays will be taking place. Friday will be the day to visit the schools and institutes of Sitges, as well as the residences, where you will also go on Saturday, always with the aim that Carnestoltes and the Queen will bring the Sitges Carnival everywhere.


You can see images of the presentation of the Sitges Carnival Queen on the Flickr channel of the Sitges City Council. The images of the presentation of the Child Queen on the Flickr channel of Sitges City Council.


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