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Big Mag Cigalupi already reigns as King Carnestoltes at the Sitges Carnival

Magic and a few events that happened 100 years ago have centered the show of the Arribo on La Fragata

Sitges has started its most important days of Carnival with the Arribo of King Carnestoltes at the Fragata. This year, the Panxampla's group brought to Sitges a character surrounded by the world of magic and fantastic events that took place 100 years ago in Sitges. Precisely because of this 1924 setting, the Arribo show began at 7.24 p.m. and culminated with the appearance of Big Mag Cigalupi, who will reign in Sitges during this carnival week.


The Arribo show took the audience back to 1924, when Count Güell's son aspired to be the Carnestoltes to make a turning point in his passion: magic. To convince the Carnival Commission of the time, Big Mag Cigalupi performed a daring trick to make people disappear for a few seconds. The trick didn't work and his family and the Carnival Commission completely disappeared. One hundred years later, a magician from 2024 finds Big Mag Cigalupi's book of tricks and spells and manages to get it returned, along with the 1924 Carnival Commission and his family (Güell, along with the architect Gaudí). His Majesty's entourage features characters from the early 20th century, but also evokes some fantastic elements and various illusionists. Big Mag has very close to them two characters like El Seny and La Rauxa, who take shape from the Carnival 2024 poster.


The name of this year's Carnestoltes 2024, Big Mag Cigalupi, refers to the magic that will be present in the spirit of this year's king, to the large dimensions and to the surname of the Count of Güell, Eusebi Güell Bacigalupi, as the Güells have a leading role in an Arribo with all the references to the early twentieth century.


King Carnestoltes Big Mag Cigalupi greeted the entire audience at the Fragata and addressed his first words to Sitges to invite everyone to the party these days. Afterwards, the procession climbed the streets of the town centre to go to the Town Hall Square, take the power of the town and read the Predicot from the balcony of the Town Hall.


The Carnival Queen joined the procession that arrived at the Town Hall and also went up to the balcony, together with the Carnestoltes. Once the Predicot is over, both the Carnestoltes and the Queen are scheduled to visit the xatonades of the Agrupació de Balls Populars, the Casino Prado Suburense and the Societat Recreativa El Retiro.


This Friday, Carnestoltes and Queen, with their retinues, will visit schools and institutes, and will lead, in the afternoon, the Rua d'Antes, organised by the Huerto's group. The Rua d'Antes is open to all those who wish to take part.


On Fardo Saturday, Sitges reserves one of the craziest days of Carnival for itself, with the Bed Race. Some thirty groups and nearly 500 participants take part in this particular race in which the beds become creations full of satire and humour which, in addition, have to cover more than a kilometre through the centre, where there are obstacles and steep streets.

Saturday's programme also includes the Fardo dance and the party Tequereque, which will fill the town with batucada rhythms. The day will close with the Xatonada with the Carrussel show, in the Casino Prado.


On Sunday, Sitges Carnival celebrates one of its most eagerly awaited and multitudinous events. At 12 noon, the Children's Parade and, at 7.30 p.m., the Disbauxa Parade, which brings 39 floats and some 2,000 people in costume out onto the streets.

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