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LGTBIQ+ rights to be claimed at the Pride parade

More than 2,000 participants and 19 floats will parade this Sunday from 5pm along the Passeig de la Ribera in the Pride parade as part of Sitges Pride. This is one of the main events in the programme, which began on Wednesday and ends on Sunday.

Sitges Pride is a symbol of the defence of LGTBIQ+ rights and this Sunday will experience its climax with the multitudinary Pride parade. Starting at five in the afternoon, more than 2,000 people and 19 floats will parade Sunday along the Passeig de la Ribera to offer everyone a party, dance, music, sequins and spectacle to a large audience from all over the world. Sitges Pride is considered to be one of the most important Pride celebrations in Europe and has been chosen as the best in the world in the category of small destinations by the website


From Wednesday until Sunday, 45,000 people are expected to pass through Sitges Pride. The event reiterates the importance of respect, diversity and the visibility of the whole collective in order to build a more egalitarian society. To complement the more recreational part of this event, cultural and social events such as concerts, exhibitions, conferences, among others, are programmed. The Department of Civil Rights also coordinates a programme of cultural and leisure activities promoted by organisations around LGTBIQ+ Pride Day.

  • PARADE- Sitges Pride - 2023


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