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Sitges beach will be the setting for an advertising filming with drones and pyrotechnics during the Sant Joan festivities

The launch of an advertising brand will take place with a show of 300 drones that can be seen from the promenade at 11pm.

Sitges' Platja de la Fragata beach will be the setting for the launch of the new logo of a brand of soft drinks this Sunday, 23rd June. The image will be unveiled at 11pm in a 10-minute show featuring 300 drones and pyrotechnics. The show can be seen from both Passeig de la Ribera and Passeig del Marítim without any kind of restriction.

The launching of fireworks and pyrotechnic material from the water will mean that there will be a security system in the area. The beach will be empty from 20:15 hours onwards.

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