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The Malvasia Information Centre opens its doors

The CIM (Centro de Interpretación de la Malvasía - Malvasia Information Centre in English) can be visited on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The new space dedicated to this variety of sweet wine opens with the aim of becoming a meeting point for lovers of wine and local culture.

The CIM (Malvasia Information Centre), promoted by the Fundación del Hospital de San Juan Bautista de Sitges, is located in the former Corral de la Vila and in the Hospital’s former winery, in an 18th century building open to the public. The Centre, inaugurated this Saturday, offers a journey through the municipality’s winegrowing past and puts emphasis on the collective heritage that Sitges’ Malvasia has made of itself over the years.

Albert Oliver, administrator at the Hospital San Juan Bautista, evokes the legacy of Manel Llopis “we are certain that our wineries produce top quality wines”.

During the inauguration ceremony, Mayor Miquel Forns explained that with the centre: “we take back two spaces for Sitges: firstly, the new information centre, which commemorates the history of wine, and in particular, Malvasia, Sitges’ heritage and identity. And, secondly, the restoration of the Corral de la Vila, which has served different purposes over time, and which from now on will be a space for everyone, with a new touristic purpose, and which will host various activities relating to the world of wine”.

In terms of heritage, the Corral de la Vila takes on special emphasis along with the new centre, as it is the only example of traditional folk architecture from the modern era and it represents Sitges’ cattle-based economic sector, of which only residual amounts, in private hands, remained until little more than 50 years ago.

Oenologist Bruno Tannino points out that the centre could bring about “the start of the recovery of an extremely important legacy for Sitges which may help this piece of heritage to become a potential major socioeconomic driving force”. 

Sitges’ Malvasia has always been more than just a sweet wine. Its connection with Sitges makes up part of the municipality’s DNA and is showcased as one of the area’s most emblematic symbols.

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