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Sitges renews its Biosphere certification

The audit to renew the certification has revealed strong points such as the implementation of the 2017-2022 Tourism Quality Plan, developed from a process involving some thirty people from various fields to work on improving the sector.

Sitges has renewed the Biosphere certification after having passed the audit that evaluates the status of the international standard and that recognizes the quality, environmental sustainability and social responsibility of Sitges as a tourist destination. This has been a cross-sectional task between different City Hall departments and one that has had the collaboration of the private sector.


The results of the audit revealed strong points such as the 2017-2022 Tourism Quality Plan, developed from a process involving approximately thirty people from various fields. This document establishes Sitges’ areas of action from the point of view of tourism, highlighting the value of its diversity and differential features. This road map Precisely is based on a position of sustainable and intelligent development.


The audit also values the current management of beaches as a strong point, aimed at obtaining environmental certifications. It also revealed points to improve on regarding the social and economic development of the town’s tourist companies.


In summer 2016, Sitges received the 'Biosphere Destination' responsible tourism destination certification, granted by the Responsible Tourism Institute, an organism linked to UNESCO, a member of the WTO (World Tourism Organization) and the global Sustainable Tourism Council.


To renew the Biosphere Certification in April of 2020, the Sitges Town Hall is working on a new Action Plan with commitments to make the destination more sustainable every year and respond to the points to be improved.


The renewal of the certification must fulfill, or be in the process of doing so, the 112 issues contained in the Biosphere standard grouped into 4 large areas of work: instruments for a policy of responsible tourism, social and economic development of the destination, conservation and improvement of cultural heritage, and environmental conservation.


Sector entrepreneurs also have the option to adhere to the Biosphere Certification to achieve destination excellence. The Tourism Department offers advice on steps to follow, commitments and benefits.

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