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Sitges Presents “Festa Major” 2021

The main events will have a limited and controlled capacity, but the public will once again be able to see the Giants, the Beasts of Fire, the Devils and the traditional dances in the street. Journalist Eva Martín will be the "pregonera" or master of ceremonies.

Sitges' "Festa Major", the town's main annual festival, was unveiled tonight at the Casino Prado Suburense in an event that brought together 150 people, in compliance with all anti-Covid19 protocols. Once again this year, the fight against the pandemic has made it necessary to modify some of the Sitges Festa Major's main events, but the big difference in comparison to last year is that the festive imaginary and traditional folk dances will indeed be seen during controlled street performances, accompanied by their respective music.


The presentation of the Festa Major made it possible to discover what this return of all the members of the processions and parades to the streets will be like: 4 areas will be set up (Plaza de Catalunya, Hort de Can Falç, Esteve Barrachina School and Plaza de los Castellers) which will be accessed via pre-booked admission and the different elements of the festival's procession will perform in a session at 5:00 pm and another at 7:30 pm, both on August 23rd and 24th. On August 23rd at 12:00, in the same places and also with pre-booking, the Grallers (traditional Catalan horn players) and festival musicians will perform at the same time.


How to get your tickets

Festa Major website (, starting August 10th at 9:00 am. This website will be used to provide tickets for all Festa Major events. Tickets for the events organized by Sitges' different organizations (such as the Barraques de Sitges concerts) can be acquired on the respective organizers' websites.


The secrets of this year's Sitges Festa Major 2021 were revealed tonight, starting with the presentation of the poster, which is the work of Josep Furró Navarro. Afterwards, it was time to discover the Saint Bartholomew and Santa Tecla standard bearers. For St. Bartholomew, the organizing commission wanted to pay tribute to medical and health personnel in general and especially to the people most closely linked to caring for the elderly. For this reason, the honor of being a standard bearer went to the Foundation of Sitges' San Juan Bautista Hospital. For Santa Tecla, the standard bearer will be Dora Pons Sánchez.


On August 19th, the events of Festa Major 2021 will kick off with the Proclamation, which this year will be the work of journalist Eva Martín Martínez. At 7:00 pm, Town Hall Square will once again be the stage for an event where pre-booking will also be required.


The evening also served to see the Festa Major program, which this year includes extensive reports on the 50th anniversary of the Sitges Grallers School and the founding of the Sitges Castellers human castles, a group that disappeared in 1988 but from which La Jove de Sitges picked up the baton in 1993 until today.


The Americano Giants, who debuted their new look for Corpus Christi, also have their own spot in the program, with an article on their in-depth restoration. In addition to the texts by the local authorities, the president of the Commission, the rector of the San Bartholomew and Santa Tecla parish, the protagonists of the festival ("pregonera", standard bearers and poster designer), there are also articles by the Town Chronicler and the experiences of 30 people, including former dancers, musicians and the presidents of the Association, the Casino Prado and the Retiro.


The Councilor for Festivals and Traditions, David Martínez Luis, spoke at the event to thank the Commission for their efforts in adapting the events to the current anti-Covid19 regulations: " A lot of work went into making it possible for all of Sitges to once again see something we love so much on the streets, which is our Festa Major".


The Mayor of Sitges, Aurora Carbonell Abella, closed the presentation ceremony convinced that "Sitges will appreciate the excellent work the Commission has done to adapt to the times we are living in and I am also sure that we will all be more responsible than ever as we celebrate our Festa Major".


Sitges Festa Major will also have a Punto Lila ("Lilac Point"), a space that will be located at the concerts at La Plana de Santa Bárbara, from Thursday, August 19 to Tuesday, August 24, as well as at Las Barraques, from Thursday, August 12 to Monday, August 16. These information points will answer questions about LGTBI-phobic aggressions and sexist aggressions or accompany people who have been victims or witnesses. The people who will be providing these services and information will resolve any doubts that may arise and they are all specialists in these areas.


All the latest news on Sitges' Festa Major, as well as tickets for events with limited capacity, can be found at the official website of the Saint Bartholomew and Santa Tecla Festa Major:

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