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The sculpture of the Holy Family made of recycled material is exposed at the Tourist Office

The work of Miguel Domínguez, created with recycled materials and more than 2400 hours will continue until July 15 at the Tourism Office located in Plaza Eduard Maristany. 

The sculpture was shown for the first time at the Festival Sitges Reciclart. Sitges has Biosphere certification that certifies the town as a destination for sustainable and responsible tourism. The work symbolizes the commitment of the City by saving waste.


The model of the Sagrada Familia, designed by Miguel Dominguez, created with recycled material runs until July 15 at the tourist office located in the Plaza Eduard Maristany. The work was created in 2016 and is made from pallets, furniture, fruit boxes and other recycled materials. The work of the author has been part of the exhibition of Sitges Festival Reciclart who settled in Miramar Cultural Center during the month of June.


The artist worked for a year and a half in this piece and devote 2,400 hours. From an early age, he painted pictures and Dominguez retired from the models created with recycled materials. Among the most outstanding pieces, has this recreation of the Holy Family and the Basilica of San Basilio. 


This work made from recycled materials is an example of the commitment undertaken by the City of Sitges recycling and sustainability, as well as by saving waste. The city of Sitges 2016 obtained the certification of responsible tourism destination 'Destination Biosphere' granted by the Responsible Tourism Institute, an organization linked to UNESCO, member of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and global Sustainable Tourism Council. Aiming to promote this type of sustainable and responsible tourism, every year the City is working to fulfill the criteria of environmental sustainability and social responsibility certification mark.

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