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The information campaign "Sóc Mòbil" (I’m Mobile) returns to strengthen the cleaning system

This year the Department of Tourism and Urban Services re-launches the information campaign 'Sóc Mòbil' ‘I’m Mobile’

In order to remind everyone of how this garbage collection system in the city center works, and especially visitors and tourists, this year the Department of Tourism and Urban Services has launched the information campaign 'Sóc Mòbil' (‘I’m Mobile’). The goal is for citizens and, especially, people who sleep over in housing for tourism in the old town, to get to know the garbage collection system and also to encourage civic behavior. The campaign would like to raise public awareness and correct habits such as depositing bags of garbage in wastepaper bins, which generates overflows, or leaving it on public streets outside the containers, which generates dirt and a negative impact.


The Town Hall has reissued the information brochure in three different languages, Catalan, Spanish and English, where you can see the map of the city center with the 12 mobile container points. Owners of tourist housing who are interested in leaving these information leaflets in their apartments, can pick them up at the Tourist Information Office and at the Citizen Attention Office (OAC). Stickers with the message "Not Here" have also been printed up to remind us that garbage bags cannot be deposited in the wastepaper bins. In addition, new this year, the wastepaper bins in the town center also have a new identification which will remind us of the obligation to deposit garbage in containers.

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