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Midnight Concerts at the Sitges Marina

A total of 14 music-packed events will be held outdoors in an intimate, unique venue, during the months of July and August and completely free of charge.

Yet another summer, the Sitges Marina is holding its “Midnight Concerts Festival”,  taking place from July 12th to August 14th in the Marina Auditorium, beside the Captaincy Tower.


This 2019 edition’s Concerts offer a wide range of different musical styles: from classical to modern, with tributes to The Beatles, Phil Collins and Michael Jackson, as well as the best pop of the 70's and 80's from here and elsewhere. Also added to this edition is a special tribute to the best female voices of all time and, of course, several benchmarks that couldn’t be missing from our lineup like the Virgen del Carmen Festival, "The Great Lyrical Night", the Sitges Big Band or the al fresco screening of Fantastic Short Films in collaboration with the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia.


All this in the incomparable setting of the Sitges Marina and completely free of charge. Because that is how the Sitges Marina, and its Foundation, feel that culture should work. "Culture belongs to everyone and bringing it closer to the people, both proprietors and non-proprietors of the Marina, it is an honor and a duty that we have been undertaking for years," explains Sònia Felip, Director of the Foundation. 


And the thing is that, beyond the "Midnight Concerts", this year the Marina and its Foundation also held the 1st Urban Art Show, becoming the first marina in Catalonia to open its facilities to this type of art with six magnificent works that can be visited by anyone who stops by, as well as the opening of the new "Marina Library" where hundreds of books are collected that people bring from their houses to give them a second home.


You can check the entire lineup

at www.concertsdemitjanit.com or the Sitges Marina’s website www.portdesitges.com


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