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Declared the Corpus of Sitges as a Heritage Festival of National Interest

The cataloging, the maxim granted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, makes Sitges, along with Barcelona, the only town that has two festivals with the distinction.

The Generalitat of Catalonia grants its highest recognition to the Corpus de Sitges by declaring it a Heritage Festival of National Interest, thus incorporating it into the Catalog of Festive Heritage.


Together with Barcelona, Sitges becomes one of the two Catalan towns that has two festivals with this classification:  Festa Major of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla and, now, Corpus Christi. One of the reasons for the cataloging is thanks to the historical and collective value of a documented celebration in Sitges from the year 1358, making the town the only town in Catalonia that has organized the Procession without interruption for more than 300 years (with the only exception of armed conflicts), maintaining the structure of the Corpus Vuitcentista. Sitges can also document the departure of the giants on the eve, the altars, the carpeted streets and details such as apricots, for more than 150 years, as well as the National Carnation Exhibition that exceeds its centenary.


The Generalitat of Catalonia considers Heritage Festival of National Interest, those celebrations structured from ritual sequences based on customs and symbolic manifestations of an identity nature, with national projection. The cataloging allows the acts and elements of these celebrations to maintain the original essence, both for community ties and for those that are configured between the human fabric and the territory.

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