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The 2023 Corpus is presented in Sitges

The festival debuts the distinction of Heritage Festival of National Interest and maintains the flower carpets and the carnation exhibition as strong points of a program that has more and more outstanding acts. This year, 370,000 carnations will adorn the main streets of the town.

Sitges once again shines its emblematic Corpus, between June 9 and 18. In this year's edition, the recognition of the Generalitat as a Heritage Festival of National Interest is inaugurated, which is recognition of the maintenance of tradition and festivity throughout the centuries.


The great explosion of Corpus Christi in Sitges will take place on Sunday June 11 with the carpets and the procession, but the program of events is full of activities for all ages and novelties such as the gastronomic exhibition with flowers led by chef Oriol Castro.


In the 2023 edition, there will be 35 sections of streets with carpets of flowers, which means about 3,000 square meters of decorated public roads. 370,000 carnations, 2 tons of skin, 500 square meters of grass and another 500 of cypress will be used. In addition to carnations, where white and red are the predominant colors, there will also be San Juan flower, bougainvillea, Moorish carnation, gerberas and statice.


Most of the carnations come from Colombia, but much of the flower that can be seen on Sunday June 11 on the carpets is the result of the participatory sentiment of Corpus Christi. That is to say, that neighborhood collaboration and family and friendship ties mean that, for example, there is flower from private gardens or another that each one goes to buy from florists. One of the special cases this year is the grass, which was normally used from municipal gardening but this year this part has been greatly reduced due to the ban on watering as a restriction due to drought. In order to have enough grass, the Corpus Commission and the Terramar Golf Club have reached an agreement and the grass will be obtained thanks to the collaboration of this sports club.


Beyond the making of the carpets, the extensive Corpus program means that direct participation throughout the festival is estimated at around 2,000 people. In the 35 sections of carpets there will be about 1,200 people involved. In the Corpus Christi procession, on Sunday June 11 in the afternoon, another 500 people participate among the three pairs of giants, the Dragon, the Eagle, the Moixiganga, the groups of grallers, the heiresses and the heirs, the communion children , the companions of the Procession and the musicians. In addition, the neighborhood, families and friends are also essential to carry out the decoration of facades and balconies, the departure of the giants on the eve or the exhibition of carnations in the Retiro gardens. Precisely, one of the most anticipated acts, the Carnation Exhibition, will bring together 36 exhibitors, among which there will be five Sitgetan schools that have been involved in carnation cultivation. The total number of carnations that can be seen, among all the variants, will reach 1,200, each with its turret.


The Sitges Corpus of 2023 will have Mireia Rossell Pascual, a teacher and person closely linked to the making of the carpet on Calle Palma (Santiago Rusiñol), one of the most significant of the festival, as its herald.


The banner holder of the Minerva banner will be Joan Ortiz Oliver, one of the leading carnation exhibitors and member of the Corpus Commission for several years. Currently, he continues to actively collaborate with the festival, especially in all the management of the Vivero de Carnations and the assembly of the Clavells Exhibition.


The author of the poster and image of this year's Corpus Christi is the young artist from Sitges Jordi Abellàn Moreno, who with a composition inspired by art nouveau has wanted to show the elegance and the family spirit and friendship that gives life to the Corpus from Sitges.


The extensive program of events includes events for children and also for adults. In this sense, the chef from Sitges Oriol Castro, who co-directs the Disfrutar restaurant in Barcelona (awarded with 2 Michelin stars) will lead a demonstration of the use of flowers in haute cuisine, through a live demonstration, Saturday June 3 . He will be accompanied by three other professionals and the Corpus de Sitges gin, made from carnations, will be presented.

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