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Sitges receives the “Vila Marinera” (“Seaside Town”) tourism label

“Vila Marinera” (“Seaside Town”) is one of the tourism brands specializing in cultural tourism that are promoted by the Agència Catalana de Turisme (Catalan Tourism Agency).

The Agencia Catalana de Turisme’s (Catalan Tourism Agency’s) certification highlights the importance of many of the elements that Sitges still retains of the old fishing town with a long folklore and culture connected to the sea and to fishing traditions.


The committee of experts valued Sitges’ fishing tradition, the current activities of the Fishermen's Association, the cuisine associated with traditional products from the sea, the range of Sitges’ Museums affiliated to the network of Maritime Museums, the symbology of the Vinyet Chapel and the uniqueness of Sitges’ old town with the traditional "blue" color of fishermen's homes; among other elements.


The weight of the Fishermen's Association


Sitges has always maintained its roots as an old seaside town. The fisherman’s trade is age-old and in Sitges, in some cases, it has been passed down from generation to generation, from fathers to sons, to preserve a tradition showing respect for the environment. Today Sitges has a fishing fleet of 6 vessels dedicated exclusively to artisanal fishing, offering the market a top quality, sustainable, artisanal product. The Sitges Fishermen's Association is one of the oldest in Catalonia.


As a complement to its economic activity, since mid-2019 the Sitges Fishermen's Association is committed to developing activities related to pesca-tourism at its headquarters in the Aiguadolç Marina, allowing them to offer unique tourist experiences based on sea-related activities.

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  • Distintiu Viles Marineres



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