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Presentation of the Sitges Festa Major 2023 Wednesday 2 August at the Casino Prado

The Festa Major Commission will present the main characters of the festival with an event open to the public at 10 pm at the Prado.

The Sitges Festa Major 2023 will be presented to the public this Wednesday, 2 August, at 10 pm, at the Casino Prado Suburense, in an event open to all citizens. The Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla Festival Committee, chaired by Marta Casterad, will be revealing the names of the main protagonists of the festival, the routes of this year's processions will be on display and the main ingredients of the festival will be revealed.

Although Sant Bartomeu is the closest co-patron saint (24th August), the event will also explain the main protagonists and the programme for Santa Tecla (23rd September).

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