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The Miramar-Centre Cultural welcomes the figurative work of Alejandro Martinez Garcia.

This Saturday the winner of the XXXVI Sanvisens Painting Contest opens the exhibition that shows a dozen of his works, which can be found until December 10 on the first floor of the Miramar-Centre Cultural.

The artist from Alicante, Alejandro Martínez García, exhibits his figurative painting at the Miramar-Centro Cultural through the individual exhibition 'Mientras tanto...'. The winner of the XXXVI Sanvisens Painting Contest states that "the title of the exhibition refers to the moments of lucidity that each one of us individually and intimately finds among the hustle and bustle of the usual rhythm". In total, 17 works created between 2019 and 2020 can be seen, of which 7 are paintings made with mixed media and 10 collage.

Among the creations is the acrylic and oil work with which he was distinguished in Sitges and which is representative of his work: an exploration of the human being, the landscape and his illusions. Color is another of the stylistic characteristics that gives great strength and visual power to his creations.

Currently and until December 10, he is exhibiting in Sitges his solo show 'Mientras tanto...' at the Miramar-Centre Cultural as part of the prize he won last year in the XXXVI Sanvisens Painting Competition.


Alejandro Martínez, vocational artist


At the age of three, Alejandro Martínez García (Elda, 1987) discovered his passion while drawing with his brothers Carlos and Noé and making figures with plasticine.Over the years he strengthened his artistic vocation and after graduating in fine arts, he has continued experimenting with art to further develop his talent and forge a consolidated career.Throughout more than 10 years of professional career, the artist has been distinguished with different awards such as the "57 Premio Reina Sofia" for the great strength of his figurative painting, he has also exhibited individually in Alicante, Jaen, Madrid and Italy. He has also held collective exhibitions in other spaces in different places such as Barcelona, Malaga, Seville and Zaragoza, among others.


Alejandro Martínez is a vocational artist who shares with his other two brothers his dedication to the plastic arts. With them he has carried out different projects combining painting and sculpture to enrich his work.

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