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Opening of the exhibition "Punt d'Inflexió" by Rayda Guzmán at Miramar – Centre Cultural (1)

The winner of the XXVI Pere Jou sculpture competition, establishes a dialogue between painting and sculpture.

The painter and sculptor presents part of her career until 14 January on the ground floor of the Miramar-Centre Cultural.


The exhibition, made up of 63 works inspired by the universe of plants, the artist's terrain and her life journeys, opens on Friday 15 December at 7 pm.


The exhibition is a dialogue between painting and sculpture. Of these 63 pieces, 24 are sculptures, 31 are paintings and 8 are ephemeral sculptures or so-called impossible books.


For the artist, "the works presented are a reflection on the vital changes that converge in a rethinking of the space and time that we all live in".


The artist, who also holds a doctorate in contemporary philosophy, is a university professor, lecturer and writer, will give a guided tour of the exhibition on Saturday 16 December at 12 noon.

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