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Turisme de Sitges kicks off 2020 with new promotional materials

The 28 page #SitgesAnytime is the new tourist catalog that reflects everything visitors can do in Sitges over a 24 hour day in a highly graphic and practical way.

The Department of Tourism presented its new Sitges Tourist Magazine #SitgesAnytime. An inspirational tool that allows the town’s essence to be conveyed in a highly graphic way and for which a whole rethinking of the destination’s storytelling and its graphic style has been developed, along with new photos that were taken over the course of 2019. This 28-page magazine allows us to discover the wide range of activities that can be enjoyed in Sitges throughout the year. The catalog was made in Catalan and French, Spanish and English.

Sitges’ new catalog is available in both paper and online versions and contains information on Sitges' wide range of activities as a tourist destination; outdoor sports, the Garraf Park, its cultural attractions, beaches, gastronomy, marinas, shopping, its opportunities as a seaside town, festivals and traditions, nightlife and its accommodation options to stay and sleep over.


Over 30 individuals and companies from Sitges collaborated in the production of these materials as models, opinion leaders or photographic sets. The Sitges Town Hall’s Department of Tourism will use the magazine for the commercial activities taking place with travel agents, the press and industry meetings, with attention as well to specific tourism industry influencers and bloggers.


In addition to the new tourist magazine and the web, the Department of Tourism is also working on other key communication elements for the destination, such as the new press kit or audiovisual material, as well as specific product catalogs, always with the goal of strengthening Sitges’ tourism brand.


See the online version of the #SitgesAnytime magazine

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  1. Moderador
    13 February 2020
    Hi Simon!

    You can donwload it at Professionals / Promotional materials
    Or either following this link: https://www.sitgesanytime.com/en/pag483/professionals-material-promocional.htm

    Thank you for visiting our website!
  2. Simon John Wilson
    12 February 2020
    Where can I download the Catalogue in English ?