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Sitges museums offers 360-degree panoramic tours

In order to get through the confinement, we offer 360-degree panoramic tours of our museums where you can contemplate high-resolution art pieces.

There are four museums in Sitges  –the Cau Ferrat , the Maricel Museum, the Maricel Palace and the Romantic Museum– can all be visited in a virtual way through the Google Art Project. This online platform shows the world's largest art collections and, since its inception - eight years ago - it has collected thousands of museums.

In the case of Catalonia, the Sitges Museums were the fourth institution in the country to enter the Google Art Project, only after the National Art Museum of Catalonia, the Vic Episcopal Museum and the Rafael Masó Foundation in Girona.


The Google Art Project, for anyone unfamiliar, allows its users to make 360-degree panoramic views and see 107 works of art from our collections in high resolution. All the works, in addition, are accompanied by a technical sheet with the most representative data of both, the work and its author.


There are also three virtual exhibitions dedicated to Malvasia (Malmsey sweet wine), las Miradas del Cau Ferrat (Cau Ferrat glances)  and Sitges del Pasado (Sitges from the Past), plus 107 high-resolution artworks. 


VisitMuseum and other resources

Another way of doing a virtual tour can be made through VisitMuseum, where in addition to the Cau Ferrat, the Maricel Museum, the Maricel Palace and the Romantic Museum Can Llopis, there is the Fundación Stämpfli d'Art Contemporani. You can also visit the temporary exhibition that is now in the Maricel Museum, dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the Cau Ferrat.


On the other hand, the capitals and sculptures on the Maricel façade can be viewed in three dimensions at this link. Three of these sculptures unrestricted and can be downloaded, modified, used and printed in three dimensions, for free.


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The entire Sitges Heritage Consortium team is working full-time from home, in order to keep the museums alive and in touch with our public and helping everyone make this time of confinement more interesting and fruitful.


In the next few hours, we will launch a blog where you can learn about the heritage we keep, anecdotes about working in museums, and much more.


We take this opportunity to recommend you to stay confined at home, to take social distance, and to be attentive to the instructions of the health authorities.

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