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The Sitges Festival presents free-to-air fantastic shorts during the quarantine

Sitges Countdown kicks off with a piece by Mexican director Sofía Carrillo

For a Shorter Quarantine. Under this slogan, the Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia has launched the Sitges Countdown campaign, a countdown to the date with its fans, next October, but also one day less in the Covid-19 crisis and of the quarantine measures. In this spirit, the Sitges Festival - in collaboration with Moritz – will be presenting a genre short film every day, shot by directors who have participated in the Festival. Each piece is presented by its director in a video addressing Festival fans. 

This initiative kicks off with the short La bruja del fósforo paseante (The Wandering Witch), by Mexican director Sofía Carrillo. It's a story about Augustina who, on the eve of her only son's wedding, will try to stop the ceremony without taking into account that Emilia, her son's orphaned fiancée, still has someone ready to come to her defense. The pieces will be available on the Festival's YouTube channel

Sitges Countdown is the first countdown action organized by the Sitges Festival, which will be holding its 53rd edition from October 8 to 18.

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  1. Fina
    17 May 2020
    Gràcies per aquest enllaç als curts del Festival Internacional de cinema de Catalunya...