Turisme de Sitges


From rounds of applause to “solidarity stays” in Sitges for the anonymous heroes in the fight against COVID19

Sitges’ hotels turn the rounds of applause at 8 pm into stays for health center personnel who are fighting against this pandemic. And they’re doing it by treating the staff from a benchmark hospital in this fight, the HOSPITAL CLINIC DE BARCELONA, to more than 1,200 overnight stays in hotels

It is imperative to acknowledge that “risks that wouldn’t be taken even for money are now being taken without hesitation and in the spirit of solidarity", with marathon work days, self-denial in order to be part of the collective and daily farewells to loved ones while wondering whether, upon their return, everything will still be the same.

Sitges’ accommodation sector, which in recent years - along with its gastronomy and leisure sectors, beaches, culture and traditions- has been a global leader in tourism, would like to do its part and combine efforts with other solidarity movements in recognition of the important work performed by the collectives that are in the thick of it all (health workers, law enforcement agencies, civil protection forces, cleaning and maintenance personnel, civil servants, supply center personnel, transporters, media outlets and the press, nursing home workers, funeral parlor employees, and many others) and demonstrating that their jobs are much more than just paid labor. Without a doubt, they are the “anonymous heroes” of the fight against this virus

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